Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illustration Projects

Hey Scribblings ,

I'm posting some illustration pieces that I made this year. I am in a program that is very focused on conceptual development behind , and the projects reflect that, I think. This particular series asked me to distill the dense content of a fable, "The Eagle and the Snake," into a three panel triptych. I completed this in January, and the experience was a good one in thinking about shot selection and the most essential components of a story.

The fable goes something like this: An eagle and a snake are engaged in a great battle. A farmer who witnesses the scene saves the eagle from the snake when the latter gains the upper hand. In retaliation, the snake poisons the man's water bottle. Right before the man is about to drink from the bottle, the eagle swoops down and knocks the drink out of his hand, thus saving his life. "One good deed deserves another."

And here are my solutions to the problem.

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